Hokkaido Fair @ Hoshino Coffee!


Greetings, everyone. This is Nazrul from the Hokkaido Government Representative Office.

Hoshino Coffee is having a Hokkaido Fair from 5 Sep onward at all branches in Singapore. During this period, they are introducing new Japanese-Western dishes that use authentic Hokkaido ingredients.

Some of the new dishes include:

  • ‘Hokkaido’ Soup Spaghetti (signature special!), using scallops with shell from the Uchiura Bay (‘Volcano Bay’) in Muroran City
  • ‘Hokkaido’ Mentaiko Potato Salad with Edamame, using edamame from Memuro town in Tokachi Subprefecture
  • ‘Hokkaido’ Rare Cheesecake, using cream cheese from Hokkaido and haskap (honeyberry) from Tomakomai city
  • ‘Hokkaido’ YUKIYUMA Pancake Souffle Style, using milk and cream cheese from Hokkaido (you can also add ice cream specially from Otaru city)
‘Hokkaido’ Soup Spaghetti
‘Hokkaido’ Mentaiko Potato Salad with Edamame
‘Hokkaido’ Rare Cheesecake
‘Hokkaido’ YUKIYUMA Pancake Souffle Style

In addition, they offer the Hokkaido Soup Curry which also uses scallops from Uchiura Bay. In fact, there are a few ways to enjoy soup curry:

‘Hokkaido’ Soup Curry

For more information, you can visit their Facebook page (LINK HERE) and their official website (LINK HERE).

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