Enjoy delicious foods and Hokkaido’s nature with Japan’s cleanest water from the beautiful Lake Shikotsu!


Greetings, this is the Ishikari Subprefecture Bureau. The subprefecture includes Sapporo and Chitose, and has good access from within Hokkaido.

I would like to introduce to you the beautiful Lake Shikotsu and the area around it.

Lake Shikotsu is close to Sapporo, and is a national park that has the splendor of nature. It’s only an hour away from New Chitose Airport by car.

Location of Lake Shikotsu in Hokkaido

Lake Shikotsu is recognized to have one of Japan’s cleanest waters, and activities such as kayaking and rafting in the lake’s mysterious beauty is very popular. You can also take part extraordinary activities such as ice diving during winter, and even an ice festival where sprinkler water can form misty ice upon freezing, that proved to be very popular among visitors.

Kayaking on Lake Shikotsu
Camping on Lake Shikotsu shores
Ice diving in Lake Shikotsu
Ice festival in Lake Shikotsu

There are hot springs along the lake shore, where visitors can soak in the warm spring waters while gazing at the magnificent Lake Shikotsu view.

Marukoma Hot Spring Hotel
Kokanee sockeye salmon

From June to August, you can enjoy local delicacies made from fresh Kokanee, a local breed of sockeye salmon. So, won’t you come and enjoy the sheer beauty of Lake Shikotsu in the summer?

For more information, visit the Chitose home page at the following link: http://www.welcome-to-chitose.jp

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