Introducing Ishikari’s food made from their refreshing waters, overseas sales expanding


Area of focus: Ishikari Sub-prefecture (highlighted on map)

The sub-prefecture of Ishikari is known mostly for the city of Sapporo and Lake Shikotsu, but due to the abundance of clean water resources, many factories are also established here as a result. While paying a visit to Sapporo and Chitose in the sub-prefecture of Ishikari, enjoy Ishikari’s pride and joy through its local jellies made from Hokkaido’s local fruits and vegetables, and animal-inspired pastries.

Map of Ishikari sub-prefecture
Hokkyoku Kuma sweets
Haskap (fly honeysuckle) jelly
Kumazasa (Veitch’s bamboo) soap
Tomato juice
Ginger dressing sauce

Also, the Ishikari Sub-prefectural Bureau is proactively promoting the region’s food and tourism overseas. The Ishikari Fair will be held at the Hokkaido Challenge Shop in Taiwan from 25 to 26 August this year. They hope to continue their efforts in sharing with everyone the beauty of Ishikari to other countries.

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