Food and Travel in Shiribeshi (Spring~Autumn Edition)


Greetings everyone, this is Nazrul from the Hokkaido Government Representative Office.

This week, we are introducing to you the southwest region of Shiribeshi sub-prefecture of Hokkaido.

Shiribeshi Sub-prefecture

In spring and autumn, visitors can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Mount Yotei and the coasts of Shakotan Peninsula, the historical landmark Otaru Canal, various spots for witnessing falling autumn leaves, and the numerous hot springs in the region.

Mount Yotei with potato field in foreground
Mount Yotei during harvest scenery
Otaru Canal in summer

Plus, in the upcoming season, fruit-picking is strongly recommended and visitors can enjoy fruits such as apples and grapes in the towns of Yoichi and Niki. Juices made from high-quality fruits are also sought after.

Delicious red apples

Fruit juices and jams made from high-quality natural ingredientsThere are also many wineries in both towns where, apart from personalized wines, visitors can enjoy whiskies, nihonshu, and craft beers. What’s more, the sea of Shakotan also produces the best sea cucumbers.

Vast wineyards
Sea cucumber

Come and visit the region of Shiribeshi, and see the best views and taste the best foods of the region!

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