Walking over frozen water, and witnessing an endless white prairie


Greetings, this is Nazrul from the Hokkaido Government Representative Office.

Location of Betsukai on Hokkaido map

In the north-east of the town of Betsukai, lies a lobster-shaped peninsula that stands out from the sea. The peninsula’s inner bay freezes over during winter, and a completely white ice prairie called ‘Hyou-Hei-Sen‘ (trans. ‘ice horizon line’) appears.

An endless white prairie

Visitors can put on snowshoes and have a walk on a boardwalk on the ‘Hyou-Hei-Sen Walking Tour’. You can also hop on a sleigh and go on the ‘Hyou-Hei-Sen Sleigh Tour’. Taking amusing perspective photos has also proved to be highly popular.

Commemorative photo with family and friends
Perspective photo

Come on over and witness the mysteriously illusory icy landscape that is rarely seen even by the locals. If you’re lucky, you can even witness a herd of deer crossing or foxes making their way across the frozen water.

Deer crossing on frozen water

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