Hello from Bangkok!


Hello everyone! I’m Wataru Sugawara from Bangkok. I’m dispatched to North Pacific Bank Ltd Bangkok Representative Office from the Hokkaido Government.
I’ve been in Bangkok since July 2015. Soon after my arrival, a terrorist attack occurred nearby. That really surprised me. More than a year has passed since then. Time flies but I still haven’t gotten used to the all-year-around heat in Bangkok…
Our office supports Hokkaido’s agenda to expand business activities and inbound tourism to ASEAN countries. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

North Pacific Bank Ltd Bangkok Representative Office
Tel: +66(0)2-163-2834

Today I introduce a movie called “Fan Day”, which has been screened across Thailand from 1 Sep. A big part of the movie was shot in Hokkaido, so I went to see it.
It was a rare experience for me to see familiar places like Sapporo, Otaru, Hakodate, Kiroro and Noboribetsu in a foreign movie, in a foreign country.
This movie will be screened in other ASEAN countries as well as Japan, so I won’t tell you the plot but I can tell you one thing; even if you don’t understand Thai nor English (subtitles) enough, you can get the big picture of the story!

(The picture) The banner of the movie is hanging under the eave.


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