Delivering cyclists with fun memories of Hidaka through beautiful sceneries and delicious foods!



Location of Hidaka area on map

In the Hidaka area, you can enjoy cycling while watching the scenery of  thoroughbred ranches spread across a scale so vast you cannot experience it elsewhere.

Cyclist cycling through Hidaka
Cyclist resting by the sea

Apart from the scenery of ranches, you can also witness a variety of other scenes such as mountains where you can witness pristine nature, the pacific coastline where you can see the emerald-green beautiful sea, the Apoi Geopark Visitor Center where you can see unusual rock formations, and rich nature; Cape Erimo, where you can witness the undulating scenery and wilderness.

Cyclist cycling through the plains
Cycling through a valley

Plus, there is a cycling welcome facility named Cycle Port complete with bicycle racks and inflating services, and you can enjoy food and sightseeing during your cycling adventure.

Sunset along the coastline
Bicycle drop-off spot (‘PAMPA KAPAN’)

Come visit the Hidaka area and experience a pleasant cycle in Hokkaido. Click on the following links to see the brochure for more details: Link 1, Link 2.

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