Discovering the charm of Hokkaido in Nov (Day 3)

This is Edmond from Hokkaido Government Representative Office. Continuing on with Day 3 of my adventures in Hokkaido. Today I am back in Sapporo again and I visited the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market, Hokkaido Jingu Shrine and the Shiroi Koibito Park.

I had a craving for good seafood in Sapporo in the morning, therefore I headed down to the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market, which is one of the biggest fish market in Hokkaido. After arriving, I realized that I am not alone on this quest. Many tourists flooded the shops selling seafood all along the road. I was lucky that I went early and managed to get a place in one of the restaurants. I ordered the signature seafood rice bowl and it was extremely delicious.

I highly recommend heading there if you are a fan of seafood, sushi and sashimi!

Various Seafood Rice Bowls available at Sapporo Central Wholesale Market

Crabs being sold at Sapporo Central Wholesale Market

Shops along Sapporo Central Wholesale Market

After the delicious meal, I went to visit the Hokkaido Jingu Shrine. It is the main Japanese shrine in Sapporo and similar to the Meji Jingu Shrine in Tokyo, is surrounded by a lush forest of trees. At the time of my visit, in November, is just during the period of “Shichi-go-san (七五三)”, where parents will bring their children to the shrine to conduct prayers for them.  There were many Japanese children, dressed in traditional kimono, accompanied by their parents around the shrine grounds. At the shrine you can also purchase an “Ema (絵馬)”, where you can write down your wishes and hang them in the shrine grounds. Do not forget to buy a lucky charm for your loved ones!

Hokkaido Jingu Shrine main building

Various “Ema” hanging in the shrine grounds

Various lucky charms on sale at the shrine


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, I headed to the Shiroi Koibito Park. Everyone should know the already famous Shiroi Koibito Chocolates from Hokkaido. At the Shiroi Koibito Park, you will be able to SEE, KNOW, TASTE and EXPERIENCE the magic of creating these chocolates that are loved by many throughout the world. There is an area outside the park with is an English-styled garden, as well as a photo-spot for you to take pictures of the entire building.

There is also a short show every hour to announce the time, where various characters that represents the different animals in Hokkaido, as well as a soccer ball (to represent the soccer field beside the park) appear to sing and dance for the crowd.

The Standard Factory Tour will take you through a tour of the chocolate production lines and the “Sweets Workshop DREAM KITCHEN”, where you will be able to make your own chocolates. After a fun-filled day of activities, you will be able to relax at the “Chocolate Lounge OXFORD”, where you can purchase chocolate made deserts and enjoy them with the beautiful view of the park.

In addition, there is also a Premium Factory Tour, which includes an interactive projection mapping show that will explore the secret of a chocolate loving professor. I highly recommend taking the premium factory tour, especially if you are bringing your children along.

Finally, there is a souvenir shop where you can purchase chocolates and other collectables to bring home.

Shiroi Koibito Park:

Shiroi Koibito Park Signage

Shiroi Koibito Park with English-styled garden in the foreground

Characters appearing during the hourly show

Shiroi Koibito production line

Sweets Workshop Dream Kitchen

Self-made chocolate

View from the Chocolate Lounge OXFORD, overseeing the park and the soccer field

Chocolate desserts from Chocolate Lounge OXFORD

This concludes Day 3 of my travels in Hokkaido. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to stay for the night illuminations at the Shiroi Koibito Park, so if you are heading there, make sure you do not miss it out as well!

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