Journey in winter Hokkaido! – Pair of NTU JAC Students (Introduction)

Today we had the opportunity to tour the Shiroi Koibito Park in Sapporo! It was really a wonderful experience and we enjoyed the tour thoroughly.

Upon arriving at the park, we were amazed by how spectacular the building looked.

Shiroi Koibito Park

First off was how the shiroi koibito was made and packaged. The employees are cutely referred to as “white small people” (or shiroi kobito, in Japanese, a clever wordplay), and were represented by adorable small cats in white outfits. We were able to have a look at how the employees worked. Each shiroi koibito was meticulously checked to ensure that it was perfect before being carefully packaged.

“White small people” (or shiroi kobito)

After that

, we proceeded to take part in the cut-out cookies course, where we made our own cut-out cookies, which we got to bring back with us after baking them! We first chose what shape we would like our cut-outs to be, followed by rolling out the cookie dough, cutting them out, and lastly decorating them.

Happily making cookies during the cut-out cookies course

While waiting for the cookies to bake, we went to Chocolate Lounge OXFORD, to have delicious desserts. We were immediately awed by the stunning view that the cafe had to offer! The mountains at the back, along with the soccer field and the mechanical clock tower in the foreground. We had a cup of rich hot chocolate, and two parfaits. As we have gotten seats facing the view, we were able to take highly instagramable pictures of our dessert.

The shiroi koibito parfait boasted a wonderful combination of the parks products and delicate vanilla ice cream. The chocolate parfait came with 2 kinds of flavour, citrus and mango, creating an amazing balance of the chocolate’s aroma with the citrus’ tangy flavour.

Halfway through our meal, the mechanical clock tower sprung to life, combined with music, begin to show a parade of cute animals.

Chocolate Lounge OXFORD

Hot chocolate

Chocolate Parfait

Mechanical clock tower

Overall, we really enjoyed the entire atmosphere of the place, it looks really pretty and aesthetic. The cookie making was really an enjoyable activity to do together. I really recommend visiting the park when you’re visiting Hokkaido.

Thank you so much, Shiroi Koibito Park for this tour and for extending your hospitality to us.

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